Standard Features

Our benches are designed and built to meet the needs of a majority of woodworkers. The features and benefits below are included in all of our standard benches to address these needs.

Hardwood body

We use kiln dried jarrah or other hardwood for the frames to create a strong, rigid and visually pleasing structure. The weight that these timbers gives the bench also ensures that the bench will remain stable and stationary while performing most woodworking tasks.

Chamfered legs

We chamfer the base of the legs to minimise the likelihood of splintering when the bench moves along the floor. The chamfer also creates a pleasing shadow line that makes the bench appear to float above the floor.

Woodworking apron

Our bench come standard with a 135mm front apron, which is an excellent face to the front of the bench. Clamping and using the vice is easier because of this large surface. If you are not using the bench for woodworking, then a 60mm apron would still give the bench strength and stability.

Clamping overhang


Our bench tops have a 60mm overhang on each end to allow for easy clamping. This makes securing your work simple and quick.


back boardUnless you order a mobile workbench, all of our benches have a backboard to ensure your tools and wood don’t roll off the back of the bench. Stationary benches are normally placed against a wall, so the backboard is included as standard. If you need a mobile workbench, we don’t include the backboard as standard as you may like to work from both sides of the bench.

Flush legs



Our legs are flush with the front apron and back rail of the bench to make clamping large work pieces easier and more stable.


All of these features are designed to make the bench that you order as usable and strong over the life of the bench. If ┬áthere is anything you don’t want, or something you have seen in another bench feel free to add that to your request.