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Fully built benches can be freighted to eastern states capitals door to door – at brilliant backloading rates. For safety reasons, very large benches may have to be picked up from a freight depot where the bench would be forked on to a trailer for you, to later safely unload when you have enough help.

Large Storage Workbenches

Big Red workbench world with 8 drawers

If you are interested in this bench or one like it please contact us requesting more images to choose from

2.4 x .90 x .90m high. The six bench legs are 85 wide x 85mm deep with total-locking castors mounted under them. The jarrah fascia of the drawers are 25mm thick with polished black steel knobs. At the lower rear of the bench are four tool storage pockets with another (longer) pocket at each short end. The lower shelf section between the legs has a removable top for walled storage down to the bottom floor of the bench. Holes and slits cut into the removable top of that storage box provide quick access storage for often used tool favourites such as scrapers, screwdrivers etc. The entire bench area is in use.

A criss-crossing 17 dog hole pattern on the bench top serves the two Irwin Record 53ED quick action woodworking vices. Another dog hole is provided in the front “woodworking” bearer to the right of the vice so that long and heavy work can be supported at the same level as the two vice guide bars.

A bench stop is positioned to the left of the front vice. A jarrah workshop vice holding jig (see the Accessories section) was built to be locked up in the 53ED woodworking vice. As the workshop vice is therefore portable and not fixed to the bench in the conventional manner the top remains unobstructed unless the workshop vice is in use. The vice for this particular bench was an Irwin Record 1 Ton E-B workshop vice.

Two Irwin Record hold fasts can be lowered into the collars that are set into the bench top to the right of centre. They can then be swung around to hold down one of two extension platforms that are made to be positioned there. One has a “heavy duty” surface, the other is a 2mm galvanised steel sheet to use for messy jobs. Steel sheet choices are shown at the foot of this page.


This bench (3m long) has a bench stop fitted through the top handy to the Dawn 175 plain screw woodworking vice. The vice is fitted to a “storage” frontage which allows maximum storage depth underneath. There is plenty of room for woodworking near the vice but still enough room to fit drawers a metre wide. The workshop vice mounted on the right is an Irwin Record 3TON-3VSB, a swivel vice

2.4m storage workbench world qa vice

If you are interested in this bench or one like it please contact us requesting more images to choose from

2.7 x .76 x .9m high storage workbench. Dog holing on this bench includes two extra holes along the top front apron. The tops of the two holes are set parallel with the tops of the vice guide bars. When Veritas hold downs, bench dogs or bench pups are pushed into the holes their bodies line up level with the guide bars. A long workpiece can be lowered on to the projecting supports and be quickly clamped to the front of the bench.

The vice on this bench is an Irwin Record 52ED quick action woodworking vice. The 52ED is the smallest of three in the Irwin Record quick action range. A bench stop is fitted to the bench leg near the vice.

Knobs weren’t used on the fascia of the drawers so that the clashing lines were left uninterrupted, for better effect. The drawers were instead given the same dished lower edge as the sliding tray below that carries the storage box. The dished lower edges accommodate the user’s fingers and are intentionally less pronounced on the drawers than on the tray. In effect, the bench has been given its own theme.

3m work bench world wide drawers cabinet storage

If you are interested in this bench or one like it please contact us requesting more images to choose from

The above storage workbench is 3 x .75 x .9m high. The cabinet is 1.5m wide, the drawers 1m, leaving enough room clear near the vice for keeping tools and work in progress handy. The cabinet doors can be removed in seconds by pressing on springs at the rear of the hinges. That allows enough working area clear so that a workpiece such as a chair can be clamped to the front. To reassemble just as quickly the hinges are “dive bombed” back into place with an audible click. The bench is readied for woodworking by a plain screw vice and bench stop on the left hand front.