8 June, 2020

Homeschooling bench

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Homeschooling workbench

The client was looking for a workbench that had options galore. That included a bench that could easily be moved, overhang so that you could sit it comfortably and be a woodworking workbench as well.

We designed a bench that has an overhang and a lower shelf, allowing seating around the bench on stools. Retractable castors allows the person working on the bench to have an entirely stable work surface, something that we have found locking castors not to give. And it is a workbench as well.

This is a great bench to sit around and do your work if you are home schooling, although it is a little bit late now for lock-down schooling (we hope).

11 December, 2019

Multishelf large Bench

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Multishelf large bench

This large bench is being used by an architect who needed a large work surface to lay out his plans. The brief was quite simple, make sure all of the edges were soft so that nothing could catch on them, and lots and lots of shelf space for plans and samples.

14 April, 2019

Standard Jeweller’s workbench

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Standard jewellers workbench

The client was a beginner jeweller who needed a workbench at home to practise on. This was a perfect solution, as the frame, legs and cutout were made of Jarrah and the rest of the work surface was marine ply. This makes the bench economical to make and fully functional for the jeweller. The lower shelf allows the user to sit close to the work area and can be a small storage area, ideal for a gas bottle. Just as good, it can be used to rest your feet on when sitting on a stool working away.

The jewellers’ cutout is made of Jarrah, where much of the wear will be for the craftsperson working on this bench. The cutout is available as a semicircle (as shown here) or as a straight-edge half-hexagon.

There is also a raised edge on 3 sides so that no tools or workpieces roll off. This is an important feature that has had some of the most positive feedback from our clients.

There is a filings tray shown on this bench, and a tool tray is also a popular option.

30 October, 2018

Storage workbench

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Storage Bench with Jarrah Top

Our clients were looking for an easy storage option for their workbench, so that the workshop looked clean even when it wasn’t. This simple cupboard helped tuck the mess away quickly and still kept it accessible.

When we mocked up this bench, using Jarrah veneer on the cupboard doors made the bench too dark. The result was using the plywood as a feature to lighten the bench look wise.

4 August, 2018

Prototype workbench for the WA Wood Show

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We have been looking to add a new range of workbenches to our catalogue and decided to show this Tasmanian Oak flat-top woodworking workbench at the WA Wood Show.

This workbench is 2,000×600 and 900 high. The legs are laminated Tasmanian oak and the shelf and top rails are mortised through the leg for added stability. We wanted to try a different construction method than our usual bolted construction, so the mortise and tenon joints were enjoyable to incorporate.

The top is 64mm thick, so that there is no rebound when hammering and the weight is enough to keep the work surface stable. We also found some beautiful salmon coloured Jarrah boards for the bottom shelf and they are a perfect contrast to the primary timber.

The top is off-centre so that you can sling a vice under the right-hand end (as pictured). It is also a simple task to add dog-holes and a tail vice. The HNT Gordon Tail vice would look great and be a perfect addition to this bench.

Tasmanian Oak workbench

24 March, 2018

Large Tuart workbench

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The customer was looking for a very large bench with a light colour timber for the work surface and lots of storage. This bench is 2.4m long and 900mm deep with 6 square legs. After construction, we realised the middle legs were entirely unnecessary, as the thickness and rigidity of the top meant the middle legs did nothing.

The storage was a great addition and the pattern makers vice was my first like that.

The Tuart top was 50mm thick laminated boards and it took some work finding boards that long and thick to meet our needs. Our thanks to Derek Doak, the Timber Bloke in Cockburn.
Large Tuart workbench

3 March, 2018

Retirement gift – Mechanic

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The customer was looking to buy himself a retirement gift that he could use once he had more time on his hands. The client is an amateur mechanic and has a couple of very nice vintage motorbikes the need constant work to keep roadworthy. He came to us to find solid retirement workbench for his mechanical adventures and together we came up with this design.

Dave was looking for a bench that would fit into the space in his garage that would be heavy enough to remain stable and also have mobile castors for easy movability. The result is a solid Jarrah bench with a thicker top and square legs.

I really like the look of this bench without an apron and feel that woodworkers would love the clamping space available around the entire bench. It would be a simple matter to install a woodworking vice under the top and still keep the smooth lines.


22 February, 2018

Bicycle Wheel bench

22 February, 2018|Bench, Commission|0 Comments

The customer, Melody Wheels, needed another bench from us, having bought their first bench a couple of years ago.

This new bench needed some customisations to make work easier and more productive. The requirements included:

  • Wheel hooks on both ends
  • Drawer storage under the shelf
  • Gap between the top and shelf needed to fit a set of drawers to be installed later
  • Re-inforcing of the installation of their mechanics vice.

The result is a bench that the customer was extremely happy with and the feedback is that it has made Adrian’s work easier. Check out Adrian’s work at melodywheels.com.au


19 October, 2017

Leather makers bench

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The client for this bench makes leather goods and needed something that was solid and heavy, so that it could take the knocks and bumps and survive. The bench is 1800mm long and 900mm deep with 90×90 legs to add weight and stability. There is a 60mm overhang all round to create some clearance for the client to work from all sides. The bench was able to be flat-packed for ease of shipping and still be solid and stable once assembled at the other end.

Leather bench

6 October, 2017

Gem cutters bench

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Doug Menadue from Bespoke Gems in Sydney came to me asking if I would be able to modify a jewellers bench design. After some discussion, Doug produced some clear and concise drawings of what he would like me to make for him. This includes shelves for storage above the bench, drawers and a tray below the work surface that he could store often-used tools. There is also a shallow shelf under the bench that Doug would use to store some tools not frequently used and to rest his feet on when working.

Gem cutters bench