Standard Jeweller’s workbench

Standard jewellers workbench

The client was a beginner jeweller who needed a workbench at home to practise on. This was a perfect solution, as the frame, legs and cutout were made of Jarrah and the rest of the work surface was marine ply. This makes the bench economical to make and fully functional for the jeweller. The lower shelf allows the user to sit close to the work area and can be a small storage area, ideal for a gas bottle. Just as good, it can be used to rest your feet on when sitting on a stool working away.

The jewellers’ cutout is made of Jarrah, where much of the wear will be for the craftsperson working on this bench. The cutout is available as a semicircle (as shown here) or as a straight-edge half-hexagon.

There is also a raised edge on 3 sides so that no tools or workpieces roll off. This is an important feature that has had some of the most positive feedback from our clients.

There is a filings tray shown on this bench, and a tool tray is also a popular option.

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Gem cutters bench

Doug Menadue from Bespoke Gems in Sydney came to me asking if I would be able to modify a jewellers bench design. After some discussion, Doug produced some clear and concise drawings of what he would like me to make for him. This includes shelves for storage above the bench, drawers and a tray below the work surface that he could store often-used tools. There is also a shallow shelf under the bench that Doug would use to store some tools not frequently used and to rest his feet on when working.

Gem cutters bench

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Another small Jewellers’ bench

When the client came to me with a number of images she found of jewellers benches she liked, it was simple matter to discuss which features she liked and wanted included in her workbench. What came out of these discussions is the bench shown below. It has neat, clean lines with one storage drawer above the filing tray, both of which when closed are behind the jewellers cut-out.

I enjoyed the process of discovery that came from the conversations with the client that allowed us to arrive at a design that would meet the clients’ needs.

Another small jewellers bench

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Small Jewellers’ bench

The client came to me looking for a jewellers bench that had lots of storage and could fit into a small space. We came up with this design, which has 6 drawers and 2 filing trays. The bench is 1200mm long, 600m deep and 950mm high. The client also supplied the Fretz stake holder on the right side of the bench.

The little details that I enjoyed including in this bench included the book-matched timber on the drawers, so that the grain flowed from one drawer face to the next as well as the jewellers cut-out.


Small Jewellers bench

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