Large Tuart workbench

The customer was looking for a very large bench with a light colour timber for the work surface and lots of storage. This bench is 2.4m long and 900mm deep with 6 square legs. After construction, we realised the middle legs were entirely unnecessary, as the thickness and rigidity of the top meant the middle legs did nothing.

The storage was a great addition and the pattern makers vice was my first like that.

The Tuart top was 50mm thick laminated boards and it took some work finding boards that long and thick to meet our needs. Our thanks to Derek Doak, the Timber Bloke in Cockburn.
Large Tuart workbench

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Retirement gift – Mechanic

The customer was looking to buy himself a retirement gift that he could use once he had more time on his hands. The client is an amateur mechanic and has a couple of very nice vintage motorbikes the need constant work to keep roadworthy. He came to us to find solid retirement workbench for his mechanical adventures and together we came up with this design.

Dave was looking for a bench that would fit into the space in his garage that would be heavy enough to remain stable and also have mobile castors for easy movability. The result is a solid Jarrah bench with a thicker top and square legs.

I really like the look of this bench without an apron and feel that woodworkers would love the clamping space available around the entire bench. It would be a simple matter to install a woodworking vice under the top and still keep the smooth lines.


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Bicycle Wheel bench

The customer, Melody Wheels, needed another bench from us, having bought their first bench a couple of years ago.

This new bench needed some customisations to make work easier and more productive. The requirements included:

  • Wheel hooks on both ends
  • Drawer storage under the shelf
  • Gap between the top and shelf needed to fit a set of drawers to be installed later
  • Re-inforcing of the installation of their mechanics vice.

The result is a bench that the customer was extremely happy with and the feedback is that it has made Adrian’s work easier. Check out Adrian’s work at melodywheels.com.au


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Leather makers bench

The client for this bench makes leather goods and needed something that was solid and heavy, so that it could take the knocks and bumps and survive. The bench is 1800mm long and 900mm deep with 90×90 legs to add weight and stability. There is a 60mm overhang all round to create some clearance for the client to work from all sides. The bench was able to be flat-packed for ease of shipping and still be solid and stable once assembled at the other end.

Leather bench

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Gem cutters bench

Doug Menadue from Bespoke Gems in Sydney came to me asking if I would be able to modify a jewellers bench design. After some discussion, Doug produced some clear and concise drawings of what he would like me to make for him. This includes shelves for storage above the bench, drawers and a tray below the work surface that he could store often-used tools. There is also a shallow shelf under the bench that Doug would use to store some tools not frequently used and to rest his feet on when working.

Gem cutters bench

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Small Jewellers’ bench

The client came to me looking for a jewellers bench that had lots of storage and could fit into a small space. We came up with this design, which has 6 drawers and 2 filing trays. The bench is 1200mm long, 600m deep and 950mm high. The client also supplied the Fretz stake holder on the right side of the bench.

The little details that I enjoyed including in this bench included the book-matched timber on the drawers, so that the grain flowed from one drawer face to the next as well as the jewellers cut-out.


Small Jewellers bench

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Large Hybrid workbench

When this customer came into our workshop to discuss us making a bench for her, she looked at our assembly workbench said that she wanted one just like ours. The workbench takes the Standard workbench and adds a Jarrah board where you work most frequently hence the name – Large Hybrid workbench.

The bench shown is 1800×1200, with a Jarrah strip on the top as a re-inforced work surface. As the customer said, almost all of the hard work we do on a woodworking bench is in a small area.

There is a wide apron on all sides with this bench to create a heavy workbench that won’t move during any process and gives a vertical clamping surface wherever you need it.

Being a kit bench, it will take at least 2 people to lift the top into position.


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Kitchen bench extender on castors

The customer runs a cooking school and was looking for a way to extend their kitchen bench and have it on castors to give them flexibility when not teaching.

The solution we came up with fits on the end of the bench, where the grain of the timber flows the leg panels and top. Being 50mm thick, the bench is solid while still being easy to move on the locking castors.

The photo shows the shipping panel attached to secure the legs during transportation.


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Big Black Bench

This bench is a real hybrid for the client, lots of storage with a stainless steel top and blackened jarrah features. There is cabinet storage, drawers and a tool box included in this 2.4m long bench. The blackened jarrah creates a great contrast between the timber and the stainless steel top on half of the bench top.

Being one of the last benches using flooring particleboard, it would have been nice to see this with plywood as the panels in the drawers and storage.

Big Black bench

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Our first commission – Breakfast Bar

The client requested a bench that would fit in their kitchen at work and would not take up much space. The answer was this high and long bench that would fit along the wall and bar stools could fit under. It measures 2.4m x 500mm wide and 900mm high and the top is made from particleboard.

Breakfast Bar

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