Large woodworking vice

large woodworking vice

An excellent, traditional looking vice with lots of travel, $160.

HNT Gordon

Front Vice

HNT Gordon front vice– No racking
– Opens 150mm
– Jaw is 160mm x 230mm
– Thread is 6 TPI ACME for fast, smooth action.
– Hidden thread to prevent dust wearing the thread

Tail Vice

ThisĀ  Tail Vice is designed to hold any piece of wood flat on the top of your bench. It is retrofitable to any bench (inHNT Gordon Tail Vice any position on the top) without interfering with the integrity of the top. The vice body is a hefty 32mm x 35mm x 280mm long with a 5/8″ 6 tpi ACME thread for a quick moving action. It gives you just over 100mm travel so you would need to space your bench dog holes at 100mm or less apart. The knob is 32mm in diameter, knurled for grip and you will find this knob allows for quick movement with plenty of grip to tighten the vice when holding wood. The vice comes with one solid brass dog that is 1/4″ high for low profile work. Other size dogs will be available also or you can make them to suit using 1/2″ brass rod.

Dawn woodworking vice


Plain screw 175mm

In this range there is also a 200, 225 and 250mm version

More vices

We are able to supply a range of woodworking and mechanic’s vices from HNT Gordon, Dawn and Veritas and are able to assist you in choosing the best vice combination for your bench.

* all prices quoted include installation