Our drawer module is perfect to add to your bench to increase storage. The module comes as shown with 3 drawers that have a jarrah fascia. The depth of the drawers will depend on the depth of your bench, as we make sure that you maximise the available storage to you. Priced at $360, you will be happy that you chose this option.

Square legs

For an extra $320 you can have square legs on your bench. These legs are laminated timber and this gives the workbench additional weight and stability.

Tool well


The well in the woodworking workbench is handy to store tools for reuse on a job. All four edges of the well overhang and can be used for clamping to the inner bench top. A well cover is included for occasions where a full flat top is required. The box under the bench top is wider and longer than the opening to maximise handy on board storage.



Adding retractable castors (photo to come) gives your bench the manoeuvrability and flexibility to move between your working space and storing it when not in use. Retractable castors also gives you a solid working platform when you need stability and the flexibility to move your bench when necessary. 4 castors are $240.

Locking Cabinet, fully enclosed with an extra half shelf inside

Length (mm) 900 1200 1500 1800 2100 2400 2700 3000
No. of doors 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4
Price $445 $665 $770 $875 $1080 $1185 $1390 $1495

Rear shelving unit

Rear shelving units can be added to almost any bench. Just specify the number of shelves and the spacing you need and we will add this valuable storage solution.

Portable steel workbench cover sheets

Steel workbench cover sheets

Portable 1.5-2mm thick metal sheets are an economical way to protect a benchtop while doing oily, messy work. The benchtop covers are 740mm wide by 580, 730, or 870mm deep to suit the three standard bench depths of 600, 750 and 890mm. There is a 25mm downturn in the front and 25mm upturn at the rear. By ordering these to be cut and folded in bulk we can provide protection from mechanical work at a much cheaper cost than we have done so in the past. The sheets retail for $90, $110 or $130 each including GST.