Kit Form – All Jarrah Workbenches

Standard Jarrah

The above All Jarrah knock-down kit form workbench is 1.5 x .75 x .9h and has a large woodworking vice fitted.

Benches are built and assembled in the factory, defects attended to, oiled, then dismantled for delivery. When you reassemble the bench, it will look as above. Reassembly takes 10-15 minutes following a simple 3-step instruction sheet.

The configuration above suits positioning of the bench against a wall. If you order a bench that will be used as an island bench it will not have a backing strip to stop things falling off at the rear.

 All Jarrah Kit Form workbench oil finished

There are many examples of kit form and fully built All Jarrah style benches in the Custom Built section of this site. There are also examples of Bench Stops fitted to benches within the Custom Built section. If chosen, Bench Stops add another $190 to the overall cost.

A quality vice for a quality workbench

Woodworking vices are fitted to the left front edge to suit right handers, who plane to the left. Left handers can order the vices fitted to the right hand front if preferred.

Dawn and Irwin Record engineering vices can also be fitted at discount prices. The most popular is the Irwin Record 1 TON-E-B workshop vice. It has a 100mm (4″) grip, anvil at rear, 1 ton of clamping pressure and usable depth of 100mm. The engineering vice is usually fitted on the opposite end of the bench to the woodworking vice. Following are the most popular woodworking vices.

Description Usable Depth in mm
Dawn 175mm Woodworkers 190
Spear & Jackson 175mm Woodcraft V175B 120
Spear & Jackson 175mm Peg, quick action 140


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Kit Form – All Jarrah Workbench Prices

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Length (mm) 900 1200 1500 1800 2100
600mm Deep $1,370 $1,540 $1,720 $1,910 $2,110
750mm Deep $1,450 $1,630 $1,820 $2,020 $2,230
900mm Deep $1,540 $1,740 $1,940 $2,160 $2,380